Your vodcast will be a how-to video.  Below I present a number of items designed to help you create this video.

General Information about How-to-Presentations

  • Series of videos on Youtube (this is review material that may be of value.  I link you to the first video in a series of roughly six from the same individual)




Windows Movie Maker 2.6 Download

You Tube Tutorial (for Movie Maker)

Print Tutorial for Movie Maker

How to make a Video Podcast

Video Podcasting

Tips for Scripting:

Writing the how-to script (notice this is for a longer video, but many of the ideas still apply)

storyboard templates

How to make a Storyboard

Production Storyboard Examples


Converting Video Files

Tips for Creating Professional Looking Video:

The Five Deadly Sins of Amateur Video

The Seven Deadly Sins of Camera Work

How to Produces a Successful Video Shoot

Framing shots (characters)

How to make a how to video